Building Upgrades, Phase 1
Our building at work is under new ownership or new management, or both. I don’t know since it has nothing to do with me.

What I do know is they are reportedly trying to make the building more appealing to potential tenants and in the process, making it a pain in the ass for the current tenants.

First they refurbished the building entry which involved closing it for 8 weeks so that we could only enter in the back of the building. The new entry is nice but not a huge difference and whatever they paid: not worth it.

Then some mastermind came up with an idea to strip the empty units bare so that potential tenants could see what raw space they could work with. I don’t know this for a fact but this is my best guess given that the other half of our floor was dismantled (not a quiet job) and then they did (and continue to do) something that sounds like a jet engine at take off, for hours at a time.

Meanwhile, some work in the building is making a union unhappy so periodically the union gets a bunch of people with whistles and drums to march around on the sidewalk and carry signs and yell which is surprisingly loud, even on the 18th floor.

Now, the absolute worst one is that they’ve closed the restrooms on our floor. The stairs are locked because, who knows why, so we have to take the elevator to another floor to use the restroom. For two months.

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