Tired On Fire
The 07 book page is up.

I finished a book this week and realized I had to make a new page. I just spent the last hour and a half dicking around with it and trying to do something arty with the banner and side photo. Sadly, my skill set still does not even meet the level of my primitive artistic ideas. Here’s the part where I normally say, I’ll fiddle with it more later but I doubt that will happen so instead I’ll say, I meant to do it that way.

Yesterday was my first normal Friday in awhile so I seized the opportunity to do a bunch of errands and chores.

After dinner I felt really tired so I figured I get into bed a little early and read. Outside it was dark and windy. Rain whipped against the window. What could be better than curling up under the covers?

Except the clock said: 7:30pm.

There’s no way that could be right. I couldn’t be read for bed that early. I checked another clock. Nope, I was ready for bed at 7:30pm. I bravely kept the light on until 9pm although couldn’t tell you with any accuracy what I read about.

Naturally I woke up at 5am. Too bad we don’t have any cows to milk.

This morning we’re doing a quick trip to the market and picking up our vegetables and this afternoon/evening is bluegrass.

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