Too Tired for Even A Clever Title
Just wanted to send out a quick HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

I finally finished the holiday newsletter and if you haven’t seen it yet, click away.

Today I accomplished the following:

I exercised. I did the holiday newsletter. It took all freaking day. OOF. I do it to myself because I end up geeking around with the photos and changing my mind what to use and then thinking I’ll change the format and geeking with that.

I am now so tired of sitting at the computer and I can hardly see straight. And tomorrow: the paper version. (That sound you hear is me screaming.)

I also made turkey tetrazzini. Can you imagine the expression on a child’s face if you told him he was going to have a candy buffet for dinner? This is how my husband looks when I tell him I’m making turkey tetrazzini. It’s like eating magical goodness cooked while unicorns dance around the kitchen. (For him.) For me it’s just delicious hot food with lots of leftovers.

After I staggered away from the keyboard this afternoon, I wasn’t really in the mood for the tetrazzini. The recipe is seriously yummy but also gets every dish in the kitchen dirty and most of the counterspace. But everything was ready to do so I threw it together and made a salad and also a brown betty with the mushy pears we didn’t get around to eating. Man, there’s a lot of stuff to eat during the holidays.

We’ve had an excellent holidays and birthday but to be honest, I’m ready for it to be over. We’re invited to another doo tomorrow but halfway through tetrazzini dishes I hit my breaking point. I told Bob: I need to stay home. I have things to do, puttering to putt, notes to jot, pictures to cut out, crap to put away, more crap to put in the trash. I’m not up for one more event right now.

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