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Happy New Year! It appears some spammer used my domain for a nice (s)pamfest. Thanks! Like I don’t have enough stupid sh*t to deal with.

I had a busy day dismantling all the Christmas decorations, any remaining boxes, wrapping and fluff from the actual xmas gifts, rearranging shelves and cupboards to fit in new stuff, another clear out of the fridge and related kitchen projects including turning my beautiful pumpkin into eating material and finalizing the turkey carcass broth into turkey noodle soup. I also caught up on all the laundry.

Things I didn’t get to? The list is much longer. *sigh* What is it? Does everything just take longer than you’d think? Do I poop out earlier than the average person? Am I slower or too detail oriented? My room is still a mess with gifts and books and papers strewn about and projects not even started. Short work week. There will be another weekend in no time. (And bluegrass next weekend, too.)

Like the eerie glow on the pumpkin photo? I have a vague recollection of a photo trick where you cover the flash with paper or something like that. I used my finger. This gives me lots of ideas.

While I undid the xmas tree and careful rewrapped all the ornaments and then did the advanced puzzle where you have to fit it all into the two boxes that go into the garage, I watched a movie I DVR’d earlier this month: Force Ten from Navarone.

I picked two movies, The Sting and Navarone.

I saw The Sting with my friend Julie, when it came out in 1973 which means I was about 10 and I liked it then. I’m not sure the last time I saw it but it’s been at least 20 years and I say this: it holds up well. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Newman and Redford both look fantastic.

I’ve never seen Navarone but I picked it because Harrison Ford is in it. Long story short: it’s a WWII movie and very fun to watch while doing xmas decorations plus there are numerous coincidences.

1 – Robert Shaw who played Doyle Lonnegan in The Sting, and is also well know as Quint from Jaws, which I also saw with my childhood friend, Julie. You might argue that his character in Navarone is the “Han Solo” character.

2 – Carl Weathers is in the movie. Last night Bob and I watched a half disk of Arrested Development and Carl Weathers appeared in one episode in a hilarious “as himself” role.

3 – Richard Kiel who played the unforgettable Jaws role in a James Bond movie appeared in Navarone as a bad guy.

4 – I liked Harrison Ford but you could see the Han Solo in this performance as well. This movie came out in 78 after Star Wars.

I’m sure there is more I could say but I’ve got a glass of wine and 2 more Arrested Developments waiting for me and I get to go to work tomorrow so must drop kick my big butt to bed early.

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