A couple years ago Bob bought me a Time and Newsweek from the week of my birthday. This morning I flipped through them to see if there was some fun thing I could share here.

I don’t know where to start.

The Newsweek cover story has to do with missionaries around the world. The cover price is .25¢.

Time has Painter Andrew Wyeth on the cover. The price is .30¢

Time is a bit nicer with more color ads. Well, more ads period. In Newsweek the big color ads are for alcoholic beverages or cigarettes.

I was born a little over a month after JFK was assassinated so both issues talk about President Johnson and domestic issues. Both include items on the marriage of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Both show a long line of West Berliners waiting to cross the wall to visit with East German relatives.

There’s a lot of forward-looking at technology in the realm of travel, planes and space. One ad predicts that by the early 1970’s we’ll be traveling in airplanes faster than 1500 MPH “probably much faster.”

It’s a amazing how a person can feel, not THAT old, yet all these things that have changed in my life time.

One favorite tidbit: an article on modern living reports that the bathroom was undergoing a renaissance. Even small homeowners wanted more and bigger bathrooms. Two particular trends: bigger bathtubs which “further threaten[] the national water table,” and “female emancipation” leading to a fad in twin installations. You know, two sinks.

My favorite birthday is dinner and a movie. This afternoon we’re going to Volver and then trying a new restaurant — well, new to us.

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