Foraging for Food
This morning I wanted to lay around in bed reading and drinking tea but Bob very persistently convinced me to go on a walk which was a good thing. I had to put on clothes and nothing like bracing cold air to clear your head. I did some yoga when I got home and then dug into the chores.

One of my main adventures for today was getting the food situation under control. There is a fridge full of leftovers and foods purchased with something special in mind that I never got around to. I had to check for funny smelling stuff, consolidate other stuff, chuck stuff past pull date. I bought a bunch of leeks to do something with. Then I bought some more. Some were sacrificed to the compost gods.

I intended to make a breakfast strata while we had the group here over Xmas but we had so much other food it seemed silly to make another thing. I checked the mushrooms and they were still a day or two away from bolting and I had 5 egg whites left from the pots de creme so I threw that together this morning including some leeks. It’s in the oven right now.

I still need to pick the turkey clean and get that carcass a-boiling for some soup but I actually made progress on the tardy holiday newsletter and didn’t want to step away from the computer while I had that going. This weekend, for sure.

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