Where is Everybody?
Before I start this post I just want to say that I drove southbound on Front Avenue this morning. YAY! It’s been under construction for ever and super inconvenient and it was a treat to make that right turnaround thing off the Morrison bridge and sail down the shiny new smooth blacktop. Another great reason to come downtown today.

Meanwhile: it’s hard to reconcile all the chaos and crowds of earlier in the month with the relative calm and unpeopledness that’s going on this week. I’ve driven to work at speed two mornings in a row. The streets have light traffic. We had a small group at yoga last night although that was the case the week before Xmas as well. Bet it’s packed next week.

Where are all those people now? Are most of them staying home? Has everyone gone off somewhere? Are there big crowds somewhere else? I’ll bet the malls are a nightmare. I hate shopping. Even when I have money I hate it. I get zero thrill from the hunt. If I need a pair of black pants, I will buy the first pair I find that fits me. This is why I do 99% of my shopping at Ann Taylor. The pants fit. I can be in and out of there in 20 minutes. I don’t love sales. I’d rather pay more money and not fight the crowds. Plus I’m about as generically sized as a person can be so sales are a waste of time because there’s never anything cute in my size.

Last year I took the week between Xmas and New Years off because it seemed like a good time to be off and Bob was off and then I burned through a bunch of vacation days and when summer came I was scrounging for days off.

This year I thought, screw it, save the vacation for later and work now when it’s slow and we can all sit around the lunch room and eat cookes.


I can’t tell you how many things came up yesterday that needed attention right away. I thought I’d clear my desk off. Well, all these people are clearing off their desks too.

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