Happy Friggin Christmas
I’m at the office today and expected to have time for a nice update HOWEVER, we apparently lost power last night so no alarm-o. You know how it’s so dark in the morning and I heard Bob open the bedroom door and then glanced at the clock and saw it blinking and said, “Oh. We lost power.”

It was a little after 7am. I usually like to be out of bed by 5:45 at the very latest. I managed to be fast: brush hair, moisturize, go and since there was zero traffic, I was sitting at my desk at 8.

I have lots of work to do and errands to run.

Christmas was wonderful. Lots of fun. Excellent food. Delicious adult beverages. Yummy desserts. Fabulous gifts and prizes.

After gnashing my teeth over the Holiday Newsletter some more, I’ve got a start. I have a long weekend next weekend but if I don’t get it done then, I’m not doing it.

Stay tuned.

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