Great Day in Orleans in the 80'sThe Whine and Cheese Edition
This week has gone on forever.

I had insomnia issues. I had hormone issues. The traffic was terminally forked such that I averaged an extra 45 minutes a day in the car. I had my class final this morning so any spare moments I spent reviewing for that. I did a few bits of xmas shopping which are flung all over the floor. There’s laundry, dishes, mail, etc.

I haven’t even started the holiday newsletter. I haven’t finished the photo project. We had electrical work done back at the beginning of October and never heard from them. My dear husband called more than once to try to find out what was going on, did additional work need to be done, what sort of bill were we looking at and not only did they not provide this information but they weren’t very nice about it. I ordered him to stop. We don’t grovel to pay people in this household.

Meanwhile back in September I called our heating oil place and asked if they could top us off then. No, we’re on a special program, they bring it automatically. I told her that it never failed that we got this giant oil bill in the middle of xmas. Filled with a deep ambivalence about making the customer happy, she told me it would cost extra if I wanted oil right then. I told her to forget it, we’d deal.

Guess what arrived yesterday? An electric repair bill AND a fuel bill. $1000 of extra bills right in the middle of xmas. Thanks everyone!

But now I’m finished with my test and feel confident I performed decently. Two months ago, I fortuitously made a massage appointment which I can look forward to in a short hour. I’ve just had my hot cocoa. I’m going to relax this afternoon and emerge on the other side refreshed and prepared to charge full speed ahead.

Photo: Hey look, I must have won a t-shirt, too. It was64 KFI as visitor Mr. Toast was kind enough to point out in the comment he left here. The photo includes my Grandma and my sister after what was probably a fun day in Orleans, hiking and swimming and a picnic lunch.

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