Hasn’t She Read MISERY?
My co-worker likes, or used to like I should probably say, this writer named Melanie Rawn. I’ve never read her and know nothing about her but based on a quick peek at her website: looks like magic, princes and dragons.

She apparently started a book series and has yet to complete the third volume.

We go to Looking Glass Books on a regular basis and every time we’re in there, he goes to the new books in the fantasy section, ready for book 3, and is denied every time. This has gone on for years.

Earlier this week we stopped in the bookstore at lunch and he said he wasn’t even going to look. That it made him mad. But I was up there poking around and he eventually stopped to look at the new books.

I heard a gasp. He pulled a hardcover book from the shelf. I could see her name on it.


Except: this was not book 3 of the series. She wrote a whole different book about some other princes and magic. Can you imagine the cruelty of a writer who leaves readers dangling like that and then finally writes a book about something else?

Because of Rawn I can’t get him to read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell because he won’t start a series that isn’t finished. Way to go, Melanie.

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