My Camera, H'ep My Camera, H'ep My Camera, H'ep
Fall Colors?
Yesterday I went for a walk with my camera and this is what I ended up with. H’ep! (Although does look cool.)

Could we just go for 3 weeks without something breaking around here? I’m going to fiddle with it this afternoon. Maybe this is just a freak anomaly and the camera is just fine.

Last entry on the Potter adverb watch: sychophantically.

I finished the book this morning and the last 300 pages redeem the tome. Great set up for last book.

I thought I had more to report but I’m drawing a blank and don’t see any scraps of paper with hints around.

The End of the 06 Tomato Crop
This is the last of my tomato crop, taken before the camera died, in case that wasn’t clear.

My Camera, H'ep Camera Update: I tried swapping cards and jiggling the handle. Still looks kaput to me. Crap.

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