I thought LibraryThing was a fantastic idea for about 3 minutes.

LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. You can access your catalog from anywhere—even on your mobile phone. Because everyone catalogs together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth.

Now it just sounds like another way to waste time on the computer.

Can you think of a reason I would ever need to access my “book catalog” from my mobile phone? (Assuming I could even figure out how to do that.)

Do I need suggestions what to read next? I just got another stack of books from Mom and a stack from Kathy. My “to read” shelf is one ethnically exotic and/or thematically heavy book club tome away from collapsing into splinters of simulated wood product as it is.

When am I going to input the collection I have now? I can barely keep up my list of 06 books read.

This is a fantastic idea that’s not for me.

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