The Reader’s Digest Version
Mom and Dad arrived on Thursday and we had an excellent meal at Priscilla’s. On Friday I did my first class at Clark College while Mom and Dad went into Portland on their own. We all met up again in the afternoon for beer and food at Salmoncreek Brewery. I ate the Oktoberfest special and woke up in the night with mild unhappiness in my digestive region. It was still good. After dinner we went for a walk around the Fort (oof, not a spectacular webpage) and it was magic hour on a perfectly beautiful night.

Saturday we were off to the Market where we ate everything that wasn’t nailed down including: pelmini, German potato pancake with carmelized onion, sour cream and applesauce, German sausages, little tiny donuts in cinnamon and powdered sugar flavors, eggrolls, crab omelette. I think that’s it.

We decided to do the riverwalk and by the time we got to McMenamin’s it was hot and we were thirsty so we had to stop and sit by the river and have a tasty beer. A shout out to the nice lady on the cellphone sitting next to us who thoughtfully spoke loud enough for us to participate. Sorry Uncle Joe died, diabetes complications, too bad. Good luck on that real estate deal and we’ll keep our fingers crossed on the biopsy results.

After the market we went to Kathy and Steve’s to see the baby and have a visit and then back home for dinner with Priscilla.

They left yesterday morning and I had another computer headache which I will not go into right now but I decided the best thing for me would be to work outside and get some sun. And Mom had brought me bushels of fresh vegetables from Orleans so I spent the rest of the afternoon processing: roasted greenbeans and chiles.

That’s the update for now.

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