I’m Back!
My home computer came back from the shop last night and we fired it up and it works like a dream. I have so many things to fill you in on.

Crafts. Orleans trip photos. I did something I haven’t done in 20 years and read an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. (It was free.) Wow – inane is too kind a word. You’ll get the review here. Also, commentary on Sunset magazine – has it gone downhill? More discussion on things from the food section of the paper. My troubles finding yoga clothes. My mind at work: gathering vs. throwing away – what does it mean? I finished the Sabriel trilogy by Garth Nix. Short review: AWESOME! PLUS: I start my (Adobe) Illustrator class this week. Lots of new content, coming soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a big day today and Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow so not sure when I’m going to get to all this.

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