Home Computer: Still Out
Bob has scolded me for saying I don’t have a computer. The laptop has moved into my room which is fine except it doesn’t have my bookmarks, my address book, my programs or my files (recipes, help!). It also has a murkier screen and I have to do my email through my webhost’s web-based program, which sucks titty. Also I find myself much less accurate with the keyboard and constantly going back to fix errors.

On the bright side: it is amazing how much time you have when you aren’t farting around on the computer. I read a 500 page book this week, skimmed the daily papers, did tons of yoga practice. Today I was the queen of all things domestic and made a peach pie, potato salad and tomato soup. Tomorrow is apple sauce and pumpkin cake.

And I’ve been doing crafts which I will photograph and show you as soon as I can.

Bob needs the laptop back so tomorrow I will have nothing. I want my computer back but this is making lemonade from lemons if I’ve ever seen it.

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