Get Off My Ass Cletus The Carpool Lane is Stupid
Nobody Rides For Free
I’ve been having a tough time getting my photos off the memory cards. I thought maybe a card was fried and bought a new one. I took a zillion photos and still couldn’t get them off.

While I was at the camera store, I asked about a new cable that goes from the camera to the computer. My old one is frayed and dangerous looking but previous attempts to replace it have failed and since I could make the icky one work, I just kept using it. Until the current problem developed. The person suggested that I get a cardreader which is a USB gadget that you plug the card into instead of the camera. This thing is genius. It’s fast and wonderful. One problem solved.

The commute home in summer is ruthless. On Monday is was 1 hr. 10 minutes. I’ve been doing 2 yoga classes a week to avoid it. Today was usual. Do you like the busy carpool lane? Who thought that was a good idea?

The car behind me was some guy who apparently didn’t want one breath of air between his bumper and mine. I tried to get a picture but didn’t turn around so you can’t see his tense face. He rode my bumper all the way from the Rose Garden to the place where the carpool ends.

I don’t think you should be able to ride my ass that long without at least buying me dinner.

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