It’s Just Clothes
This afternoon I was at a department store, trying on a few things.

I’ve been trying to find something new to wear for yoga which is the topic for a longer post which I’m not in the mood for right now.

Also I’ve been looking for some light, comfortable things to wear when it’s warm.

I tried on a simple black tank top. Probably too light to wear by itself but would be okay under things or perhaps around the house. It wasn’t really what I was looking for but the material was so soft and it was so comfortable I hung it back up thinking a definite maybe.

I grabbed the price tag and almost passed out when I saw: $118. For a little tank top.

I quickly smoothed it out, checked to be sure I hadn’t accidentally snagged it or hurt it in any way. I wouldn’t have even tried it on had I checked the price first.

How could a little tank top be $118? I carefully put it back on the rack. At least I have good taste.

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