Time Suck

Bob came in my room the other night and said: “This webpage stuff is a major time suck.”

Yeah. I know.

Since I had so much success redoing my main pages, this morning I decided to tackle a few fixes on my last 2 xmas newsletters. The 04 version is a major mess.

05 was pretty easy to fix, I figured out how to center a few things and tweak a few others.

Thinking I now understood how it all works, at first I thought I’d just re-engineer the whole 04 layout since I can’t figure out what I did in the first place. But then I’d have to redo photos and I didn’t want to get that deep into it. That probably would have been faster.

The point being I spent most of my day trying to unravel my page layout and had little success and very little satisfaction. All for a page that no one ever looks at.

Oh well. I am learning a lot. Maybe the 06 version will be a snap.

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