FIFA World Cup Games 30, 31 and 32

I’m almost taking a day off from soccer today as the games are of relatively low interest and I have oodles of other things I need to do. I did tape the Spain-Tunisia game for tonight if I have time.

I’m at work now and will drag my soccer-spread bottom to yoga and then I’m going to Kathy’s to borrow a dress and then I’ll go home and watch part of the game or maybe just the highlights show.

I can’t do it all.

If you have some time you should check out the referee index. I love it that so many of the refs have totally regular jobs like Kevin Stott (USA) is a teacher and Markus Merk (Germany) is a dentist.

I also discovered that Deadspin, which is a sportsblog which explains why I never paid much attention to it before, has all kinds of World Cup coverage including Live Blogging the games.

Yes, I was tempted to go back and read all the games I’ve seen. But I didn’t, mainly because I have a lot of work I need to do. I’d provide some more specific links but I don’t want to know the score of the Spain game.

Via Deadspin I also found The Third Leaf which has on-the-scene soccer fan coverage and photos – wish I was there. My favorite part is when they get to the park at 1pm and get their first beer and sausage.

Tomorrow starts the final games of group play which means the four teams in each group play simultaneously. I plan to see the Sweden v. England game for a long lunch which means I will have to find out the Germany v. Ecuador results before I get to see the game. boo-hoo.

Then sadly, our soccer coverage will be on hiatus while the soccer fan ventures to another time zone for a friend wedding and then a family social visit. I may have access to some of the games but I will probably not be online.

It looks like most of the teams that I would want to see in the Round of 16 are going to play Saturday or Sunday which is not going to be doable. (Technically it may be doable but we’re paying all this money to go on this trip and there will be all kinds of people who I haven’t seen in eons so I must set aside my soccer fever and participate in life.) I should be able to see all the Monday and Tuesday games. (I’m sure my hosts will be thrilled). I’ll be home for the rest of the tournament.

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