FIFA World Cup Games 33, 34, 35 and 36

I’m going to do this now, before I’ve seen Germany play, because I have a boatload of chores to do tonight and this might be my only moment.

First, I have to go back to game 32, Spain v. Tunisia which I taped yesterday. I ended up getting home after 8pm but I started it up, figuring I could bail if the results were obvious. Tunisia scored in the 8th minute. And then Spain couldn’t get one in.

I watched and watched. My eyelids drooped. I desperately wanted to go to bed. Finally, at the 68th minute I decided to check the score because I did not want to sit for another 20 minutes if this was how it ended. Spain scored for the first time in the 71st minute. If only I’d waited! If only I’d had more faith in my sweethearteam!

But then, I was tired and now I knew and could fast forward, watch the goals, snap off the TV and be done with it.

Since I planned to take a long lunch today and watch Sweden v. England (the only work I’ve missed for World Cup) I “watched” the Germany v. Poland game via MatchCast. I knew I’d hear the results during the later game. MatchCast available on the yahoo WC site which if you are sitting at a computer all day, is an excellent way to monitor a match. On a separate window I had Deadspin’s Liveblog which I realize barely qualifies as not missing work.

Deadspin LiveBlogging tidbits:
32:49 Not much to say about Ecuador. So I will say that the main currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar. I never knew that.

32:00 Free kick opportunity from outside the 18 yard box for Matt Damon look alike captain Michael Ballack.

28:18 Again another mention and discussion about the USA game. I have a feeling this will be a common theme this whole match. Especially if this turns into a one sided game.

26:08 Costa Rica has scored and leads 1-0 over Poland. Poland was expected to finish second in the group behind Germany. So far they haven’t scored a goal yet. We know that feeling.

16:00 We are reminded again the situation for the USA game. We must pray basically.

13:52 Germany applying the pressure still. Ecuador has taken out some of their starters including top scorer Tenorio. Having a tough time stringing passes. It shows.

For the Sweden v. England game we headed back to Greek Cuisina. I saw the Czech Republic guy from last time and wanted to make a dig about his team’s performance on Saturday but he must have sensed this because he wouldn’t make eye contact. We thumped up the stairs where there was: no one. Not even a server. We made ourselves comfortable by turning on the TV and moving our chairs so that we were directly in front of the screen. Eventually someone showed up and fixed us up with food

I’m completely out of time here so my wrap up will be quick: Sweden kept it exciting. England acted like they barely cared. Was anyone defending England on the last goal?

If you’ve ever wondered what language everyone is using on the playing field: here’s your answer. A quote here:
Any language at all, as long as they can get their point across. ... "Any kind of fellatio comment is inevitably understood," says Alexi Lalas, who was on the U.S. World Cup roster in 1994 and 1998.

This soccerblog is officially on hiatus until further notice. Enjoy the games.

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