FIFA World Cup Games 27, 28 and 29

Decided to sleep in for the first half of the first game and almost slept through the whole game but then I thought Spain (cutest team in the tournament this year) was playing and dragged myself out of bed.

It was Japan v. Croatia. The score was zero zero when I started and zero zero when I turned the TV off at the end of the game.

Australia played Brazil for the second game of the day. When the game started I thought the guy calling the game said that Australia was coming in with 14 yellow cards and I thought: how is that even possible? It was 4 yellow cards.

A good game. Australia played like champs and Brazil was a little less dazzling then I might have hoped. Can we get Dida, the Brazilian goalkeeper, a cuter pair of shorts? Those look like my jammies.

After already watching so many games this weekend I wasn’t super enthusiastic for the France v. South Korea game. I’ve been wanting to see France and missed the game with Switzerland. I decided to watch the first half and saw France get its groove back (goal by Henry in the 34th minute) (pronounced “on-ree” not “hen-ree”) and turned off the TV so I could get something accomplished which turned out to be a half hour nap.

This World Cup is destroying my productivity.

I just saw that the game ended in a tie so I fired up the DVR so I can watch the second half. My stats for the World Cup so far are that I’ve seen all or part of 26 of 29 games.

Today the announcer mentioned that Chelsea is coming to the US in August to play against an MLS All Star team. Where???

They also said that Beckham and Ronaldo might come play in the US in a couple of years. Isn’t that sort of like Styx and REO Speedwagon playing at the Country Fair?

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