Eye Baggage

There is nothing that cures undereye bags. It’s like short legs or brown eyes. It’s part of your architecture.

Yeah, sure. Too much partying contributes. I’ve read all the beauty tips and proper hydration is important, plenty of rest, physical activity, proper diet, no tobacco, caffeine, alcohol or refined foods. (If you read magazines or newspapers, that list accompanies the solution for solving virtually any problem except debt.)

But for sure, products don’t work. Like diet books/pills/suits (yes, I bought a weightloss suit once — it looks like a sweatsuit made out of hefty bags and for reference, this was 20 years ago) and writing books/classes/teachers filled with surefire publishing tips, I have been duped dozens of times by products promising to firm, tone, tighten, brighten and reduce puffiness under my eyes.

They do nothing. I’ve also used cold spoons, cold compresses, cold slices of cucumber, cold teabags and ice rubbed directly on the puffy area. Cold is apparently critical. You’re better off just getting on with your day. The puffiness will reduce on its own. Or not.

But if you’ve tried something that works, let me know.

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