Bird-Day Afternoon
Be sure to click on the photo to see a large version.

Bob and I went for a walk today during a fortunate non-rainy patch. Bob had the idea of going down to Frenchman’s Bar. From the path you could hear the geese making a huge racket and we could see groups of them all over the sky, making their formations.

As we were on our way back to the car the racket went up a few notches and we looked over and this ginormous cloud of birds raised up into the sky. It’s impossible to convey with words and this little picture. If it was a horror movie, this was the part where the blood-lusting [insert terrifying human destroying monster here] gears up for its major assault on mankind. OR, it was an amazing display of nature. The birds had no goal (that I could tell). It was one part chaos but there was some order in there, too.

They’d fly in one direction and then double back and the followers would turn around, too. Amazing to watch. On the ground: cows. They looked dirty and sad, or if you got a close up: stupid.

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