There’s a List but this is only One Item

I have a what’s developed into a fairly long list of things to write about yet I always seem to think I’ll get to it later. Some of it is no longer topical, but who’s going to stop me?

When I was a girl, the Rose Bowl was on New Years Day, the same day as the Rose Parade. I thought the two events were linked. Some background info: there are no football fans in my house. I don’t look at the sports page or sports websites so unless it’s soccer or dare I admit it, figure skating, I have no idea what’s going on in the sports world.

I heard people around the office talking about the Rose Bowl game taking place not on the 1st and not during the day but on a random Wednesday night. WHY? Was it still in Pasadena?

Do they still have zillions of bowl games? They must, it’s got to be making money for someone. That used to be a big joke: The Orange Bowl, The Apple Bowl, The Toilet Bowl. Since I don’t watch the sport, I don’t know why I care, just things like that shouldn’t be changed without a press release or new bulletin.

Also I heard on the radio that there is no more Monday Night Football. How can that be? I remember the years that Monday night TV was ruined because Dad had to watch football. Hey kids: when I was a girl we didn’t have a TV in every room so if Dad wanted to watch football, hard cheese, we watched football.

But then, in those days I knew what was going on with football (sort of) and watched the Superbowl and as I recall, kinda enjoyed it. Now I only like sports where the guys look cute. Football? No. Baseball? Rarely. Basketball? Rarely. Soccer: YES! There are no ugly guys that play soccer with the possible exception of some eastern European countries who’ve got some gaggers (although rarely nothing that a good shave and some dental work couldn’t improve) on their squads. And while we’re on the subject, World Cup is only months away. Mark your calendars!

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