Bob saw some cheapo long handled tongs on the kitchen counter. He picked them up and asked me what they were for.

I told him I bought them at Target because I dropped some stuff behind my desk at work (pack of gum, hair clip — critical items) and I didn’t know how to get them. He thought this was hilarious. (FYI — I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I’m already concerned my arm isn’t long enough.)

Another time we were out for our morning walk and I carried a new flashlight I bought because I can never find flashlights when I need them. Bob claims we have lots of them but they must be in a secret place that only he knows about. Because you know spouses do that to each other: constantly hide things so no one can find anything.

So we’re on this walk and I see something moving in the park and I figured it was a bunny. I grabbed the flashlight but I couldn’t turn it on. I was twisting the top and twisting the bottom and pushing the bottom and searching for a button. Bob couldn’t stop laughing.

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