I need my big snoring mammal home.

Bob has been in Las Vegas whooping it up at Vegoose — a hippie band marathon. He’s going to be next to worthless when he gets back. Yes, there will be snoring.

I went to bed at 10pm on Saturday and didn’t fall asleep until around 2a. I did manage to catch up on some reading. Last night I went to bed and I woke up at 3:30a.

I feel like I could sleep now which is a shame since I need to be going to work soon.

A decent weekend. Saturday I baked a chocolate cake and the writers came over for our last meeting. After they left I watched Bride and Prejudice by the director who made Bend it Like Beckham and found it almost unwatchable. I had no idea it was a cheesy musical in the Bollywood tradition. I don’t like musicals period. The Bollywood version did nothing to convince me otherwise. The best part was the actor who plays Sayeed on Lost was the central dancer a wild dance number which was hilarious.

Yesterday I met Charlene downtown and we had banana pancakes for breakfast and then went for a walk. It was sunny and beautiful. After I dropped her at the airport I zoomed home and made myself put on my jeans and I harvested the pumpkins and put the garden to bed.

Happy Halloween. I have a big bowl of candy. I bought the things we like. Even in good weather we don’t get a crowd at the door so if it’s monsooning tonight I expect it will be pretty quiet.

Charlene suggested that I dress as a stick of licorice. I could go around in a black body stocking all day. When I gaped she said I could sew some licorice sticks into a skirt so people would know what I am. I found a pirate hat from this summer and I’m thinking I’ll go with that.

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