Heavy Miserable

Today rated high to super high on the incredibly miserable scale. I won’t go into all the details.

So after this long miserable day I had to step out into the downpour to get to the train. I apparently mis-timed it because instead of the 5:50pm train that I wanted I had to stand there for about 15 minutes until a train arrived. A good thing: it was the train driver who is my new friend. We chatted on the way home one night when I took a later train after yoga. He always makes little announcments about the weather and tells people to have a good night at the park-n-ride stop.

I generally use one of those big paper carrier bags with handles that you get from the department store when you buy clothes for hauling my crap back and forth: lunch/breakfast stuff, reading materials, yoga clothes. I know what happens when paper gets wet but it wasn’t raining when I left yesterday and I had no idea how much standing around in the rain I would have to do.

So after this long and miserable day I am hurrying to my car in the dark, in steady rain with a modest wind and my bag completely disintigrates. I can’t even hold it together so I can get my stuff back to the car. I have to crouch there in the rain and shove things in pockets and a little plastic bag I had. Everything getting soaked. Not a shred of dignity anywhere to be seen.

It wasn’t even like a funny mishap. It was completely heartbreaking and demoralizing.

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