Saturday morning we went for a long walk and this is one of the photos I took.

I’ve explained my eMac has had a monitor malfunction but yesterday morning, while I was answering email, it miraculously flickered back into full color. I didn’t know what to think. I was almost afraid to do anything except at that point, why bother having a computer?

The color worked all day. I worked through my Photoshop exercises and applied them to my own projects. The day was fabulously sunny and it seemed a waste to spend the entire day at the computer so I took a break and brought my Photoshop book to the front porch and read about Photoshop in the wonderful sunshine. And I saw a bald eagle.

I also did a bunch of yardwork. Cleaned up dead stuff. Raked compost-y stuff together. Tore out a ton more ivy. Actually, that’s a lie. It wasn’t a ton. It was only a tiny bit but it’s such hard work it might as well have been a ton. At this rate I’ll have it all torn out by my 50th birthday. (Which is many, many years from now.)

This morning the computer was back to its redless-self. We already know what we’re going to buy but would prefer to wait until several months from now. I think I’m going to continue to limp along and hope it flickers back one of these days. The accompanying photo was adjusted without red. How did I do?

It was a nice weekend. This afternoon I tossed almost all the last tomatoes in a pot and made tomato soup. I picked my pumpkin (look for a photo soon!) and composted a few potted plants that have become a pain in the ass. I chucked a bunch of bark dust on a corner of the yard that desperately needed it. I still haven’t pulled the tomato plants. They keep producing a few tomatoes. It would seem just cruel. As I recall, last year I pulled everything in September I was so sick of it.

I’m trying to learn to draw and I bought a book and today’s lesson was to do a self portrait and then draw someone I know from memory. Boy, if you need a good laugh, I suggest this lesson. How the hell do you draw a nose? For my person from memory I drew Bob which basically means a man with glasses holding a flash drive in his clenched fist. The author says I’m going to see a big improvement after I’ve practiced the lessons. I hope so.

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