Knee Surgery

Priscilla got a new knee last week. The surgery was on Thursday.

On Sunday night we visited with her at the hospital until visiting hours were over. The nursing staff was changing over and we never saw the replacement.

Yesterday Priscilla told me that shortly after we left a nice young man with big brown eyes and curly brown hair came into her room and announced that he was her nurse. (I think the appropriate term is certified nursing assistant.) He told her he was 24.

About an hour later he returned and told her it was time for a bath. Priscilla said, “Oh no it’s not.”

I told her I would have demanded a bath.

She went home yesterday morning and Bob’s been the nurse (no bath). But he’s been helping get her meals and with her physical therapy exercises and stuff like that. Tomorrow Margaret arrives and will take over for awhile.

I had dinner over there tonight and was hoping Pris might do a pirouette or something but she’s not quite there yet.

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