I Am A Pie Crust Failure

I do not understand why I cannot make pie crust.

I made a pie yesterday and bravely rolled out crumbled flour and by sheer force of will strong-armed it into the pie plate and patted scraps onto the top.

I made another pie today and I used *a different recipe* and again, only my determination made the thing hold together.

I read every “secrets of pie crust” recipe, article, side bar and website I come across. I have watched numerous others make pie crust even in my own kitchen using my own stuff. I have this problem at all times of year whether it’s cold or hot. I chill my water and fat within an inch of its life. I’ve used different kinds of flour.

I am possibly a bit timid with the water — but I thought you were supposed to be careful with the water. And by timid, I mean when it says to add, say 4 tablespoons and then if you need more, add it one more at a time, I add at least 2 more. Shouldn’t that be plenty? I guess not. Fat and/or water would seem to be what my pie dough lacks.

It’s not like the pies don’t taste good, but it’s not a lot of fun, scraping up flour crumbs and trying to patch the whole thing together.

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