Do You Ever Do This?

After you’ve been super busy and you finally have time to do all these things you’ve been wanting to do, but you can’t seem to do anything except sit there and think about all these things?

That’s where I’m at this weekend.

My horoscope told me that I would have good news about finance today. I just found my bank statements and realized I hadn’t balanced my checkbook last month. If good news means finding a huge error to the tune of several hundred dollars not in my favor: then that horoscope was right on.

Fireworks were always illegal in the places I grew up and when I first got up here I thought it was fantastic all the cool stuff you could buy. Now, years later, when I’ve had time to grow older and crankier, I think fireworks should be banned everywhere except a special place where all the people who like the noise and mess can shoot them off at each other whenever they want, far away from civilization.

Also, random story from yesterday. On our way home we were behind a nondescript white Honda with a bright shiny bling bling gold chain linked license plate frame with an inscription: My Honda.

I said to Bob: Who would go through all the trouble to get that fancy thing and then put: My Honda.

He decided some 16 year old kid.

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