Too Many Trips

Back today from three back-to-back trips. All good. But tonight I’m ready for an early bedtime. It’s not the trip and traveling that’s hard. It’s not doing all the regular chores that makes it hard. (For example, we have 2 apples and canned goods and nothing else to eat in the house.) Also, I’m done packing and unpacking for awhile.

I’m looking forward to a few weekends close to home. I want to put some TLC into the yard among other projects.

I just posted book #24 and I should finish book #25 tonight — which means I am exactly on track for the 50 book challenge. I thought I was behind and was plotting to hammer through a couple of graphic novels or perhaps pick up a few YA books at the library.

Book #25 is a book Bob gave to me which is a collection of essays about Star Wars. There’s a 5000 word serious essay about why Boba Fett is cool. Pam Porn.

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