Super Promotion

About a week ago we got a free promotional item in the mail, something called clothespin chopsticks which I had no idea what I was supposed to do with. Just now when I checked the website, I learned that they are “chopsticks with training wheels.” But they’re made out of cheap plastic and I can’t imagine using them for eating. I thought it was a super big clothespin and couldn’t imagine any scenario where I might use it. The website also says they are out of clear: probably because they mailed them to everyone in a 60 mile radius to invite them their “private preview party” for a store about to open in Bridgeport Village.

This is a store about storage and organization which is pretty much what I live for but I’m not going to drive 30 miles to go to a store. Especially a store in a giant complex of stores, restaurants and multiplex (isn’t that a mall?) which really means giant parking lot crowd scene from hell. And note I assume this is what Bridgeport Village is. Honestly I don’t know for sure since tracking retail developments is pretty much something I don’t live for.

If you’d like clear clothespin chopsticks, contact me now. Supply limited.

This morning we went and picked up Margaret and went to the Farmer’s Market. I bought too many things last week so I had to restrain myself. Just last night I finally cooked my beets. I have a beet soup recipe with ginger that I discussed on this site earlier but since the search function is worthless, I don’t know when and can’t link to it. The short version is that I made it with pickled beets and it was dreadful. I’ve been meaning to try it again. Too bad now I don’t have ginger.

We stocked up on berries and cherries. Also we ended up at a booth with all kinds of weird fruit I got some regular peaches plus some donut peaches and apriums (not to be confused with a pluot). We also got crab for tomorrow night’s dinner and I got apples to make a pie for a certain person who is having a birthday next week.

I checked the turnip guy but no turnips today. I asked him last week about turnip season because raw turnips are one of my favorite foods. Earlier this week on our way to the Portland downtown farmer’s market with the law clerk I mentioned this and she said, “You don’t hear that often.” Turnip guy told me he has turnips year round which is fantastic news. He just didn’t have them this week.

Another topic for discussion is this article from the paper yesterday about this baby boom in Florida, nine months after one of the hurricanes knocked out power for three days. Some guy was saying how, power is out, what else are you going to do? Well last time I checked, using birth control and having power are two completely independent operations. It’s not like, oh darn, the fridge is out and the birth control is ruined. We’ll just have to do without. Do these people normally never do it but with the power out, here was the perfect excuse? I don’t get it. And I would provide you with a link but the damn AP had popup ads and registration. What is up with every Tom, Dick and Harry on the Internet wanting you to register to look at their crap? I have a card by my computer with about 35 usernames and passwords (not the important ones like the bank) so I can keep them straight. Every time I try to adopt a permanent password then a site limits me to 6 characters, no 8 characters, no 6 but 1 has to be a number. And so forth. I generally either don’t visit the site, get a password from or I make something up and use it only that once.

Here’s an article about the new male infantilism and I’m not sure I get it. Is it really a thing, just because someone says so? Excerpt:

Where a Scotch-sozzled Big Bruiser once ran onto the fire escape with a roar, rolling up his or her sleeves to challenge the whole U.S. of A. to step outside, now a smallish fellow in a knit cap and woolen sweater sits in the corner with a box of chocolate milk, giggling at his own inadvertent burps.

Finally, in honor of Bob, here’s a link to the Grateful Dead’s last show, 10 years ago today.

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