Not A Lot To See Here

I’d offer a weekend wrap up but not a lot to see here.

If you’ve ever wondered about some of the bit players in the Star Wars movies, you can find an excellent reference at Wikipedia. Like that Jedi with the ginormous forehead’s name is Ki-Adi-Mundi from the planet Cerea. I learned a lot of other things but I won’t scare you with that right now.

I’m in the middle of a new writing project. “New” is a relative term since I’ve been talking about it for probably over a year and taking notes and doing research for the past couple of months. I’ve got about 25 pages so far but I’m jumping around as the images and ideas come and it’s a slow go getting it put together in a way that I like.

Meanwhile, most of my spare time is focused on that which means that the yard is 2/3rds abandoned. The weather has turned downright cold and I never did get the walls of water on the two tomatoes that Priscilla gave me — I never even went out and bought my own vegetables. I put a row of greens out there several weeks ago and I planted a zillion cucumber seeds and looks like I’ve got one sprout unless the slugs ate it. It’s a poor effort.

A good thing is that all my programs are over for now and I am catching up on movies. We watched Jersey Girl which didn’t do so well at least in part because of the whole Bennifer thing. It’s a very sweet movie. Bob and I both enjoyed it. We also watched Kinsey which is well written and well directed and fantastic acting — it’s a good movie. But the story itself is nothing you wrap your heart around. Bob said something to the effect that it was more for history than entertainment.

In terms of reading, I missed a week on my 50 book challenge but at the moment I’m reading Field of Honor by D.L. Birchfield. I met Don at Returning the Gift in … 1994 I think. It was in Neah Bay and he gave me the first chapters of this book to read back then. He was one of the first people to encourage me to write. He has other books published but I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time. I’m about 80 pages in and it’s hilarious.

I was planning on doing Noon Yoga today but I’m running late and can’t bear the thought of schlepping a change of clothes along with all the other crap I have to take to the office today. And now I’m running late, as usual. See ya.

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