Like the Old Days

I had heard about this but not the details and Bob sent this to me yesterday. These guys did an elaborate U2 hoax. It’s hilarious.

One thing I love in the new office is the production room. Its where all the supplies are plus the giant copy machine. There’s also a big table to spread out the work and it holds staplers for small, medium and large sized stapling, small and large staple removers and machines for punching either two or three holes. Plus all kinds of stuff I haven’t needed to use yet. It’s awesome.

Yesterday I had my first run in with the giant copier. I had paper jammed in every flap and crevice and had to open doors and pull levers and twist knobs. Not as sexy as it sounds.

After it happened the second time I took my copying back to my office and reeled it off on the small machine in my office and sorted it on the floor, like the old days.

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