I saw Revenge of the Sith time this afternoon. For the third time, if anyone is counting. I can find all the easter eggs like any geek worth her salt. Here’s my question. (Possible spoilers if you’ve lived the past 20 years under a rock.) Wasn’t there a lot of gossip and snickering about the Senator from Naboo becoming pregnant, her belly growing radically scene to scene and she wasn’t married? Yet that dreamy Jedi Anikan Skywalker hanging about?

Bob had a party with his posse tonight. The posse is his academic geeks from school. It’s like my dream team of guys to hang out with. I got home around 6:30 and they were still here and we talked about politics and academia and pop culture and drank lots of booze. It was great.

I forgot to tell you earlier but I found a version of Prinzenrolle at Fred Meyer, Salmon Creek.

They aren’t actual Prinzenrolle. They’re like Knave-rolle or whatever. They’re from Holland, not Germany and the cookie is a wee bit crunchier and the filling is a microclick off but hey, not complaining. I ate the whole roll within 4 days. They’re a decent substitute when you can’ t get the real thing.

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