The View from Here

The new office is on the 18th floor. We’ve only been there 2 months and already people have come to wash the windows inside and out. I don’t know if it was the same people.

I have a little vertigo problem with heights. Nothing that prevents me from enjoying my office but when the guys were hanging off the side of the building washing the windows, I couldn’t even look at them without feeling like I had to throw up.

Also, I’m not sure they washed anything. They were out there and back and forth but the window looks every bit as dirty as it did the first day I looked out of it. I know I said I couldn’t watch, but wouldn’t I have heard a squeegee or that squeaky sound windows make when you rub them with a damp towel?

I came in one morning and all my toys were moved on the window sill. I thought maybe I did something wrong and toys against the window were some sort of security problem or might compromise the integrity of the glass. When I mentioned later that my toys had been moved, I was informed that people came in to do the windows.

The next time I was in the lunch room I saw a memo taped to the door that announced the inside windows were going to be cleaned and I was sad to realize that I’m now one of those people who doesn’t even bother reading the memo.

The view I have is down Second.

Almost every day I see an emergency vehicle stopped on second with its light flashing. Almost every day. I think it’s a government building. In fact, I know it’s a government building because one day a bunch of protesters set up shop right there in the middle of the street.

We could see the protest from the window and watch the helicopters circle and then load up the “live feed” on the Internet and watch the footage. How meta is that?

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