Level 4

Sometimes when I’m writing a memo for work, it’s hard not to inject my editorial comments. If it’s in-house, I might occasionally sneak something in, or at least in the first draft, but given the general situation, it’s easier to stick with the facts.

Last week I wrote a memo summarizing the State Department’s new passport requirement which they are calling: the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

I know. Come on.

And you know they probably had to form a committee and fly people across the country half a dozen times and schedule some retreats, all on taxpayer dollars, to come up with that name.

I bet somewhere, there’s a disgruntled employee, like a Second Assistant Transitions and Speculations Analyst Specialist, Level 4 (DON’T forget the level 4, or you’ll get a phone call … ), who’s sulking because his title: the Pan-Global Special Documentation Directive, didn’t make the cut.

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