Disc Burp

Man, netflix burped.

I have a Wonderfalls disc (super fantastic show that only aired 4 episodes. It’s hilarious and worth your time and effort), a Buffy disc which includes one of the best episodes ever, Hush which includes Joss commentary track. The very last Angel disc which is concurrently tragic and a relief. Gotta get on with my life.

Then we have household hero Almodovar film Bad Education which we’ve been sitting on. Tonight we finished Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. So basically every single disc in the house is something for me to watch.

I just went through the queue and fixed it so the next 6 movies are Bob things. I have to get caught up and I need to do other things. I ditched the last 2 episodes of Alias (no big loss there) but we’ve got season finales coming up next month and I don’t want a bunch of discs piled up as well.

RE: Harold and Kumar

We watched about 30 minutes of this the other night and although we chuckled out loud a couple of times we were tempted to stick it back in the envelope. We finished watching it tonight and I have to say, it’s really stupid, but it’s really hilarious. Probably not for everyone, but seriously, after a long day and a couple glasses of refreshing adult beverages. You’ll laugh out loud.

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