The Validator

You know I’m trying to be a good sport about this public transportation thing and I keep telling myself I don’t really hate it but it majorly sucks ass.

This morning I could see the train coming up as I pulled into the parking lot (this after some nightmare from hell clog getting on the freeway — it took 20 minutes to just get on the freeway) so I flung away my dignity and ran up to the platform. And nothing makes a girl feel sexier than running to catch a train with a backpack filled with yoga clothes bouncing off her shoulder and a sack filled with plastic cartons holding lunch bumping off her knees.

I made it but only because I didn’t validate my ticket. So at the next stop I looked for the ticket validator and didn’t see it so I stayed on the train. At the next stop I got off, found the validator and by the time I was ready to get back on, doors closing. SOL. Sit there for 10 minutes.

It sucks. It’s almost worth paying the $500+ for the annual pass just so I don’t have to dick with the tickets. The reason I don’t go for the monthly or annual pass is because with the 4-day work week, doesn’t make $en$e.

Tomorrow I’m taking a writing workshop with goddess and personal heroine Lynda Barry at Lewis and Clark College. It starts at 9am and I did the homework on the Trimet website and looks like a holy mothereffer pain in the ass journey. Car to park-n-ride, train to downtown, bus #1 to whatever then get off and find other bus to L&C. And according to the schedule they come only like once, every other lifetime.

Public transportation makes me cranky.

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