Book List

(Yes loyal readers, I know. I barely posted anything for two weeks and now I post about 10 things in one day and change the dates so it looks like I’m keeping up on a regular basis. It’s not you, it’s me.)

This morning I caught up on my Neal Pollack. I would provide links to earlier mentions of him but that search item on the top bar of this blog is a fiction and I can’t remember when I talked about him. He’s the one that inspired me to take on the 50 book challenge. (If you haven’t been keeping up, I’m reading book #15 now. I’ve been meaning to annotate my book list but can’t seem to get that far.)

Neal writes:

It depresses me, as I’ve taken on this 50 Book Challenge for no good reason, to look at, say, Bookslut, who’s on something like her 35th book, and most of those books are actually current and interesting and haven’t been sitting in a pile by her desk since the winter of 2003. link

My general sentiment, except the books in my pile have been crammed on the shelves sometimes since winter of oh, 1997. I’m clearing out a lot of old stuff.

On Friday I sort of cheated and did a library run for some fresh stuff and checked out books that have been on my list since oh, 1997.

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