Great Whines

I was inspired by Marc’s Museum of Hair so I’ve been saving Pam hair pictures hoping to put together my own bad hair on parade. I pulled together what I have for now and threw something together here. Obviously I need to fix it and attach stories plus I’m missing some primo bad hair like the Farrah type doo from 7th grade and I don’t have many red hair pictures and I can’t find even a black hair picture. Plenty more to come but at least a little entertainment for today.

Yesterday Bob and I went up to Evergreen to an art event at the Longhouse. The event wasn’t actually at the Longhouse but at the Gallery and the card I got in the mail said that Lillian Pitt, Larry McNeil and Jim Jackson were going to be speaking plus other Indian art in the exhibit.

We drove up in the afternoon and when we got there we saw cousin Bari’s (BG) art was part of the exhibit. BG had done an artist residency up at Evergreen last year and gave us one of her pieces on her way home. We have it hanging in our living room. We didn’t even clue-in that this exhibit was including her work until we got there so we were pretty excited to see it. All the speakers were fantastic, too. Very talented, amazing artists. I left quite inspired.

Also this week I started reading these books I was talking about. I started Hotel World by Ali Smith which I have wanted to read forever and almost bought more than once and geez, I didn’t even make 10 pages. I swear I read multiple great reviews which said things like “luminous first novel.” Well if that means: unreadable, okay. It’s another one of those Lovely Bones, dead person telling you about something except in this case without benefit of the complete sentences and coherent thoughts that I prefer in my reading material. I can’t believe we live in a world where Little Friday can barely get read and this book gets rave reviews.

My final whine of the evening will be about this article I read in The Week that talked about women CEOs and why more women aren’t in top coporate/leadership/power positions and if there is any hope that this will change in the future. Turns out, a lot of women end up out of the work place because they’re taking care of their families, as if this might be a bad thing. Why don’t we read more articles about male CEOs who want to spend more time with their families?

I’m going to go eat that last piece of coconut cream pie.

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