Yodeling Never Hurt No One … ‘Cepts Them that Had to Listen to It

Good Effing God.

I’m still adjusting to my new schedule. Seems like I’m always rushing to get out of here and getting home later. And I seem can’t manage to get a proper breakfast in me or a proper lunch made. I’ve been sustaining on Girl Scout cookies (thanks WKB) which is not my preferred way to eat.

So you are getting a very phoned in Wintergrass wrap up.

Wintergrass has gone the way of Bumbershoot which is to say it’s too freaking crowded. I don’t understand humanity’s tolerance for massive crowding. Why would you want to fight your way to an event and be humiliated by parking and then wait in line and pack in to see something and then wait in line again every time you wanted a corn dog or to take a pee?

People do it. Not for me. Seriously, I’ll skip my own funeral if there isn’t spacious seating and parking right out front.

Having said that, the weekend worked out just fine. We picked up Priscilla and cruised up to Tacoma on Saturday. We managed to catch a nice set at the church before heading back to the main room at the hotel. We saw some more great music before we went to dinner and met Aunties and Uncle and then Bob and I managed 3 more sets before we staggered to our lodgings in Fife. We met the family again for a terrific breakfast, hit the road and were home in the afternoon. I even did some yardwork in the late afternoon sunshine.

Bluegrass does a body good.

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