Good Luck With That Itch

I’ve haven’t been riding MAX for 2 full weeks yet and I’ve already flipped off a driver.

What is wrong with these people?

She can see me running up the stairs. (What sort of crack team designed the Vanport TC? There is no short way to get to the train platform from the parking lot. In fact, if you didn’t crawl through the bushes, there would be no short way to get across the parking lot.) She can see me holding my ticket out and plunging it into the validator.

I turn around and the doors slam shut and the train drives off? WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT? The 5 seconds it would take for me to get on the train would seem to fall into the category of basic human decency and not even a small inconvenience to anyone anywhere.

(Other Bob, if you can enlighten me, I’m waiting.)

I was furious. She got the bird. I said numerous colorful bad words and no one could even hear BECAUSE THEY HAD ALL JUST TAKEN OFF ON THE TRAIN. I kicked the SINGLE bench that TriMet deigned to put at my stop. And I put a curse on the driver.

Good luck getting rid of that itch lady.

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