Being Paul Westerberg

Also in all the activity this week, I never got around to my review of the show Saturday night so this will be a half-baked commentary.

The setlist is here.. He played pretty much everything I would have hoped for in the time space allotted. I could not have been more thrilled with any live show anywhere.

Paul’s audience, I kid you not, was about 10 guys to 1 girl. No wonder he doesn’t tour more. When I told Bob that Paul was coming to town he said, “Is he going to finish the songs?” and I chided him for slamming my guy. I sort of chuckled when Paul didn’t finish a song the first time. I stopped counting at 7. So Bob was right, big deal. Bob’s bands play one song for like a whole hour. Why is that so much better?

At one point Paul says, “Do you want to hear a Dylan song or Kiss Me On the Bus?”

I’m drawing a blank here. Too much stuff for one week. It was a great show. Every minute of it.

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