Freaks and Geeks Tragedy

We had a big tragedy with our last Freaks and Geeks disc. Only 3 shows left. We watched the first one without incident and the second one was when we discovered the DVD player died. We took the disc downstairs (because we are a two person family with two TVs and two DVD players and two VCRs and two cable boxes) and it made some unhappy grinding sounds and refused to play the 2nd episode. (Which leads me to suspect that the DVD dying and the damage to the disc are related but no hard evidence.) Bob called me and said he was getting the final epsode on the disc and as we started I said, “What if it biffs in the middle?” but we soon were involved in the show. It’s the one with the geeks doing A/V.(For my loyal readers who don’t know what that is, when I was a girl, we had things called films and film strips in school and geeks somehow took “a class” where they had to bring the film projector to class and set it up and run it for the teacher: audio visual= A/V.)

We got about 10 minutes into it and the DVD froze. We both flung our hands towards the TV and hollered, “NOOOOOOOO!” just like they do in the movies when someone tragically dies. The DVD is ready for mailing and we checked the “DVD doesn’t work, Send us a new one” box. At least we can still look forward to two more episodes.

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