I spent this afternoon updating my other pages for bio, and stories and I’m putting the books page back on the side menu rather than just tacking it on the end of the stories page. What can I say? My readers demand it. (That was a smartass remark in case you couldn’t tell.) Please check out the updates b/c I put a bunch of new photos up and as I explain below, it was a large pain in the rectum. I’m starting to suspect that updating my webpage is the new crack. It keeps me totally absorbed and distracted and once I start, it’s hard to tear myself away. I always want to try one more thing.

I brought back a photo album from Orleans so I could scan some old photos. When I was working on the page updates I decided it was a great time to start that project and I haven’t used the scanner since I switched to the eMac and OSX. First I couldn’t find the USB cable for the scanner. I tore apart my room trying to figure out where it could be and meanwhile found cables for firewire and for the camera and for my digital voice recorder and the zip drive. Jeez, does the world really need so many cables? Can we just have one cable for everything? (Isn’t that what “USB” is all about?) After pulling my hair out for awhile, I figured out that I could use the cable that’s currently on the printer which I guess sort of answers my question.) I’m not sure if the scanner cable IS the cable on the printer or if it’s just “lucky” that I can use it for both but I got my cables set up and then, I needed a driver.

I went to the Astra Umax page and entered my info into their handy driver menu and guess what? They don’t have a compatible driver for my OS. Then I dug around to find the cd that came with the scanner and I started Mac Classic and installed the driver and luckily I have an old version of Photoshop on this machine so I could import the photos in old Photoshop using the old operating system. Sure, it worked, but what a huge detour in my little project to update my page with a few more photos. Be sure to check the bio and books to see some of the new scanned shots.

Meanwhile, I’m going to tear myself away and use the next couple of hours to work in the yard while the rain has stopped.

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