Two Types of Emailers

It seems like there are two types of emailers. The type who return your email seemingly moments after you send it and the type who rarely return email. Both irritate me. Often during the week I don’t want to devote a lot of time to email so often I’ll spend Friday morning reading whatever newsletters or updates I subscribe to and answering the email that’s accumulated and send it all off and enjoy the sight of an empty email box and moments later a half dozen replies will come to me. What, is everyone just sitting at their computers waiting for email to come in and dropping everything to answer right away?

And the never answerers I don’t get either. How long does it take to respond to the note, say “Hi, how’s it going?” and punch send. They probably don’t do it because their afraid I’ll immediately write back — you know, moments later. The ball will always be in their court.

Also our DVD player seems to have died. Remember the olden days when things were more expensive but lasted longer? The first VCR player my parents bought me lasted for about 11 years. This is now the 4th machine we’ve had in the last 2 or 3 years. One was fried by a power surge. The rest seem to crap out about 2 weeks after the year warranty expires.

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