argh. We returned from High Sierra on Monday night and I took Tuesday off and did a recovery day with lots of laundry duty and other chores like buying food. Tuesday night I slept poorly due to some sort of sinus type thing which felt like the inside of my skull was being polished with a putty knife. I figured it had something to do with dancing around in the dust all weekend. I felt crappy on Weds, my sinus ache started to feel like a cold — blowing my nose every five minutes, generally fuzzy head. I slept poorly again Weds night. At HSMF I bought this frozen fruit on a stick, dipped in chocolate and peanuts treat that was so fantastic, I couldn’t stop talking about it so we invented our own home version (Bob did) using Magic Shell and I thought that might be contributing to my sleep problem. Dragged my ass around all day today. Didn’t eat any Magic Shell, sugar or take anything that had a ghost of a chance of keeping me awake and had a refreshing adult beverage which I thought would help. No luck. I’m not even sleepy. I tried all my usual insomnia tricks but I keep coughing and having to sit up and blow my nose. I’ve already taken two calms forte — three is my record. And that’s not making a dent in my sleeplessness. I wouldn’t mind being sleepless if I didn’t know that it means tomorrow I’ll be dragging ass and probably cranky and incapable of getting anything done. And we have a busy day planned. Breakfast with Ken and Joyce, new dishwasher buying, mailing off packages and taking foam peanuts to the mailbox store. And that’s just for starters.

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