Come Sail Away

Yes, again I keep thinking I’ll have time to sit down and write a quick catch up and then never get to it. This will be quick as well as I’m trying to get organized here.

Just discovered Freaks and Geeks. We’ve heard so much about it so we signed up for a dvd from netflix and it’s been requeued (is that a word?) a number of times to re-position Angels but it arrived this week and I watched the first two. I knew in the first 3 minutes of the pilot that I was going to love this show. Set in high school in 1980? Excellent soundtrack. Great characters. Love it! Most classic TV moment of all time is at the end of the pilot at the dance when Sam wants to slow dance with Cindy and the song is “Come Sail Away” by Styx (how many Styx songs did I dance to in H.S.?) and right when they go to dance the fast part of the song starts. CLASSIC! I think this actually happened to me.

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